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FAQs and Answers...

Where should I be using Video Marketing media?

Every digital-where! Any and every place you can online or electronically!

+ Your website - especially on the Home Page.
+ Your social media pages - Facebook, Google My Business, InstaGram, LinkedIn, twitter, YouTube...
+ eMail Marketing 

Let's talk about what can work best for you. 

Do I have to be on camera in my videos?

No, you do not. The right story can be told in a creative and highly engaging way, without your being on-camera.

How tech savvy do I have to be for this to work?

If you can upload photos to a social media site, you can successfully upload and download your files, as we work together with you.

How long does this take?

The time it takes to deliver your first video can be as short as one week, if we have all of the information and files required from you. We work closely with you on timing.

What if I want only one video?

videoGROWS packages are much more cost effective for you, but you can order one video to start.

If this is not a "videography" service, how can I be in the videos?

videoGROWS has various tools and resources available to capture any vital footage. Those techniques work very well.

Can I change the video?

The goal is for you to be thrilled! We begin by using information gathered from you as the framework. You also have one edit to use. Errors, if they occur, are always corrected.