Industry Examples

Can your business benefit from using videos online? Certainly.

All industries have a need to get vital information to prospective customers or clients. All industries need efficient ways to communicate with employees and

“But, my industry is not shown here.” Perhaps not, but if you can visualize videos growing your business, so can we. videoGROWS will work alongside you and your team to implement your best video marketing solutions end-to-end.


Businesses that handle, evaluate, audit, and//or report on other businesses’ finances and money – including:

  • Certified Public Accountants – CPAs
  • Managerial Accountants
  • Financial Advisors and Planners 
  • Fractional Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) 
  • Payroll Services

Each of these types of professional services companies, their owners, and staffs must establish an initially higher level of trust with their clients than other vendors. The sales cycle can be long, but there is a common starting point: First Contact. assists you with establishing your ideal first-contact messaging – saving you time and shortening that sales cycle.


Retail Businesses

Online. Brick and mortar. Combinations. The faster you can help your consumers to make buying decisions, the more your cash flow improves. Faster, more informed decisions usually lead to better profit margins, as well.
What information should be in your prospective buyers’ minds, so that more of them choose you?

How can you keep your business top-of-mind, so that they not only choose  your business, but also help you to spread the word across your marketplace?

Non-Profits (501c3)

Non-profit organizations continually perch on a multi-direction tightwire of stakeholders who must be heeded.

  • The causes and communities served
  • The donors – corporate and individual 
  • The government 
  • Volunteers
  • Full-time staff

The continual balancing act of communicating with all those people, in just the right way, and at varying ideal times, greatly affects the success of the mission. 

Interfacing video and motion media into that communication web can enhance many processes, thus making it all more cost-effective.


Residential Services

Your company helps homeowners with maintenance, repairs, and improvements. On the surface, it seems so straightforward: We wire and rewire. We build additions. We run and fix pipe. We install and maintain HVAC systems. We patch or install roofing. We paint…

Let’s shine a light on that last one for a moment – painting. Exteriors or Interiors? Plain, solid colors or special designs? “Can you reproduce this wallpaper that I saw in Cancun on one wall of my master bedroom?” 

VideoNinjas can help you to communicate with your market niche, using videos and other motion media. Your time is irreplaceable How much of it could you use differently than how big chunks of it are being consumed right now?